Give A Sh*t
Hire the Right people.
Give A Sh*T! (GAS) is the first book to finally offer a simple, easy, fast, and effective interviewing tool that separates average talent from exceptional talent at every level. Most companies and managers follow the same hamster wheel approach that's been used for years. Or worse, they 'wing it'! GAS will help you narrow down the best candidate by identifying the talent to help your organization achieve victory on the 'business battlefield'.
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Why Traditional Hiring Tactics Fail
Staggering Cost of Employee Turnover
Hiring Risks in Today's Economy
Great Expectations
Competitive Advantages of Hire for Life
Recruiting Channels: Where it Works and Where it Doesn't
Assessing Job Candidates
Selecting and Interviewing Job Candidates
GAS Guage: The Heart of the Interview
Assimilation, adaptation and advancement
Anatomy of a "Hire for Life" success story